a girl with a broken heart making candles for a dollar. many colourful hearts on the sky like the rainbow make the girl laughing. she is confident and knows she is enough

Dream Story

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl who was full of love and life. She had the biggest, brightest heart, and she spread the joy of life wherever she went. But one day, something unexpected happened and her heart broke. The bright spark inside of her was extinguished and she felt like she was all alone in the world. With a heavy heart, she decided to leave her home and start a new life. She journeyed for many days and eventually arrived in a small town. But she had nothing with her and no one to turn to for help. So she decided to make candles from the wax she had brought with her. She worked hard and sold them for a dollar each. Despite the difficulties she faced, she never stopped smiling. Every night she would look up at the sky and see the colourful hearts of the rainbow. This made her laugh and made her feel confident that she was enough. The people of the town saw how hard she worked and how she never gave up. They were so impressed by her courage and determination that they started to help her, and soon she was able to live a better life. The young girl never forgot the lessons she learnt and the courage she had to keep going. She went on to live a happy and prosperous life and never stopped spreading the joy of life wherever she went.

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